Enter to WIN the Book PLAYING GOD by Dr. Anthony Yuon

What Does It Mean To Be A Doctor?

In this page-turning, enchanting, and moving memoir, Dr. Anthony Youn unveils that the actual transformation from student to doctor happens not in medical school but the developmental years of residency training and advanced practice. It is only within saving and losing patients, taking on the medical institution, fighting with financial and emotional survival, and struggling for patients’ lives that a young doctor becomes a mature and responsible physician.

Enter to WIN the Book PLAYING GOD by Dr. Anthony Yuon

Dr. Youn delivers you from the operating rooms of a university surgery residency program to the gleaming buildings of prime Beverly Hills plastic surgeons to unlocking the doors of his empty clinic as a new doctor with no money, no patients, and heaps of debt. Playing God leaves you with an astonishing response to that deep-felt subject: “What does it mean to be a doctor?”

In Playing God, you will take a tour within the realm of medicine, hospitals, and the practice of medicine, unlike any that you have explored before.


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